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Lifetime Maintenance

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If you go with one of the freelance sites (I listed the five I think are the best below), you’re on your own.  Fiver.com is probably your best bet of the five, but I don’t recommend any of them.


They may not cost as much, but remember, “You get what you pay for.

I’m not saying they won’t build you a good website; they probably will, or at least it’ll look good…for a while.


You need to understand the importance of website maintenance.  As I stated under the “Maintenance” tab, a website is like an automobile.


If you decide not to use me, I advise that you find a web design company or someone like me who will help you all the way.  Keep in mind that maintenance companies keep your site clean, they won’t make any changes to it for you.

Online Freelancers

I have nothing against people in other countries.  I had a lady on Upwork from Ukraine do all of the Jesus drawings I have on my t-shirts.

But if you want to speak with them rather than text or email then you may have a problem.

Below is a list of what I think are the five best freelance sites for websites, but as I said, I don’t recommend any of them.

First off, when a web designer tells you they will build you a responsive website, it isn’t actually the website itself thats responsive.  Well, it is, but a website can’t be responsive unless the theme is responsive.


DUHm, I didn't know

Years ago, not all themes were responsive, and there were problems.   Nowadays most themes are responsive.  Yet, themes aren’t magical, there’s still work to be done with the content.


All a responsive theme does is allw the content to become responsive, and it’s pretty accurate.  Yet, some content, like tables and images, don’t always cooperate.

So, what is a Responsive Website?  I couldn’t find a dictionary to define it, so I looked up AI and it says, “A responsive website is a website that automatically adjusts to the screen size it’s displayed on.”



Me, Joe Biden is president of the United States ?What? When?How?

This is correct, but quite vague.  If you look at a 13″, a 17″. and a 24″ desktop screen they would all look identical, and at one time that is exactly what a Responsive Website was.



Today, a Responsive Website is not only on different-sized website screens but also on tablets and mobile phones.  Mobile phones can be tricky.



Always remember, if a freelancer’s site uses the word Responsive or Responsive Website, but doesn’t include tablet and mobile make sure to ask them if they are included.

Responsiveness is crucial for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It ensures that the website or application can adapt to different screen sizes and provide a seamless user experience across all devices., Tablet, and Mobile

Below is a table that shows that more people get online with their mobile phone than on a desktop or tablet.  The table shows four different sites.

World Wide Internet Usage
MOBILE 53.59% 54.86% 57.84% 63.64%
DESKTOP 44.59% 42.65% 40.11% 34.95%
TABLET 1.82% 2.49% 2.04% 1.41%
World Wide Web Usage Table.

Wix, Shopify, Jimdo, Squarespace, Square, Magento, and Weebly.  If you have these people build you a website you won’t be able to move it to a different platform, like WordPress or anywhere.


I don’t think 99designs has a fee other than the website, but each of the above platforms has a monthly fee.  While WordPress.org is free and you can move it to a different platform if you wish.  


$450 is the cheapest website they build.  I don’t know how good the website would be, but if it’s good that is a very fair price.

The freelancers here appear to be in India.  They charge by the hour, rather than the project.  Anywhere from $3 to $14.

These freelancers are not in the United States and they charge by the hour.  Anywhere from $15 to $65.

I can’t tell where these freelancers are from.  I’d be careful with this one in regard to the price.  Most of them have great reviews, but anything you pay for under $500 appears not to be complete and you’ll have to pay more.


Shopify is set up this way, you only pay $30 a month for a store.  Yet, you can’t use WordPress.org plugins to build the store.  You have to use Shopify’s platform and plugins, which costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

The price starts at around $80 up to $1,500.  If I was going to pay someone to build me a website, I wouldn’t dare pay less than $500 to $700.


It appears that many of the freelancers are in the United States, but I question that because they have foreign names.

The following section “What You’ll Get in Return” is what many Freelancers on Fiverr post on their page, and many of them are exactly the same.  And freelancers on other sites are very similar.


A lot of what they list is fluff, nothing else.  Some of the elements in the first set of tabs below are plugins, but not all freelancers tell you that.  Gee, I wonder why?   Many, not all, try and sound honest and intelligent just to make a sale, like a used car salesman.

Mainly Junk

This is a MUST HAVE.  It syncs the Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

You want the best plugins for this, this is very important.  Yet, if you don’t have a powerful and secure host it won’t help you any – see my “Hosts & Themes” tab.

SEO is one of the most important elements of a website.  But there is no such thing as “SEO friendly. “SEO is like mathematics, it’s needed and important.  You know it or you don’t.  If you don’t understand it you can learn it, but it’s never fun or friendly unless you’re a SEO geek/Mathematician.


This can only be done with a plugin and most, if not all, comes with a monthly fee.  

A slider is a plugin and all of them will slow your site down to a certain degree.  Most of them will really slow  it down.

If you aren’t building the website you don’t know what the Admin Panel is, nor do you need it.  Aside from that, they’re simple/User Friendly, they’ve done nothing extra for you.

A smooth navigation is important, but in this context it’s fluff. 






Below are some plugins that many web designers install, letting you think they are doing this wonderful thing for you. 


Yet, many of these plugins aren’t necessary and will slow your site down.  They figure if you need a website built then you have no idea what these plugins do or don’t do. 

This isn’t your normal plugin, it pertains to Google Ads/PPC (pay-per-click) and it can be profitable, but usually it isn’t and very costly if you aren’t careful.

Spam protection.  This is the most popular spam plugin, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.  It’s made by the same people that created WordPress and if you want to use it fully it has a monthly subscription. 

Not all sites need spam protection, but I would install it whether you allow comments or not.  I use Anti-Spam Bee, which is 100% free and is excellent.

SEO is necessary, but this one, as well as Youst, are old.  Rank Math does a much better job.  It does have a pro version, but it is not needed unless you are running a large business.

Unless you are an Amazon affiliate this plugin is useless.

This is an email marketing platform and many think it is the best, and it may be, but it is expensive.  It is free to install, but if you want to use it you need to subscribe.

Clickbank is a digital store, this plugin is similar to that of Amazon.

Most websites use this, it’s simple and good.

This is a free page builder. I think it’s the best of them all and you can build a full website with it.  Yet, you can do so much more with Elementor Pro.  Since they’re not using Elementor Pro, they’re building you the bare basics of a website.

This so-called plugin is not a plugin to do anything other than allowing your viewers to share your site on Facebook.

This is the same as AWeber, and it is cheaper than AWeber.  You don’t need both of them.

This is just like Contact Form 7.

Does the same as the Facebook plugin.

Does the same as the Facebook plugin.

Same as AWeber and GetResponse.

This is used if you are selling products, but Opencart is expensive, there are other plugins that do just a good of a job, if not better, that are much cheaper.

This plugin just allows people to pay you if you are selling a product, but this plugin isn’t needed unless you will only allow people to pay with PayPal.

Does the same as the Facebook plugin.

This is like YouTube Plugin, if Elementor Pro is used you don’t need it.

A cache plugin is needed to help the speed of your site and W3 Total Cache is good, but Litespeed Cache is better and free.  WP Rocket appears to be the best cache of all, but it’s pricey.

This is the best plugin to use if you have an E-commerce store and with this plugin, you don’t need the PayPal plugin.

As mentioned above, Rank Math is much better.

Not needed if using Elementor Pro.

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