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Below are the six websites I have built, along with their speed test.  There are a good number of speed tests, but GTmetrix and Pingdom are the most popular.



The last website is “Jerry and God,” which was the first website I built.  The speed test isn’t as good as the others; I didn’t know much back then.  I now update everything, and I’ve made a few changes, and cleaned it up a bit, but that’s it.


At one time GTmetrix gave “Jerry and God” an F, so I worked on it and the F became a D, and now it’s a B.  There are many reasons why a website becomes sluggish.  Large and/or unoptimized images, or just to many of them can certainly cause this to happen.  The “Jerry and God” site has over 1,000 images.



I get around 24,000 visitors a month on the “Jerry and God” site.  That’s nothing big, but I haven’t done anything in regards to SEO, Schema, or Alt Text.  Imagine how many visitors I’ll get once I take care of that.


You can test them yourself if you wish at GTmetrix and Pingdom.

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